I have ten years’ experience writing and editing publications in academia and for non-governmental organizations.  In my long-past college days, I was an editor for the Pitt Political Review, a twice-yearly publication of the University of Pittsburgh Honors College.  After college, I began a ten-month fellowship at the Arms Control Association in Washington, DC, which focuses on the control and reduction of nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.  At ACA I was a frequent contributor to the magazine Arms Control Today and produced a major report on the current state of disarmament and nonproliferation negotiations.  The report was provided to representatives of the US State Department and foreign delegations at the 2010 Review Conference for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty at the UN headquarters in New York.

Next, I was hired by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, where I wrote and edited analytical pieces, op-eds, and grant proposals, and supervised the writing of interns.  As a graduate student, I have written and edited academic articles, theses, and more.  As a teaching assistant and course instructor over the past several years, I have worked with hundreds of students to improve the clarity of their writing and the strength of their arguments.  I have written and edited successful applications for graduate school, employment, scholarships, grants, and conference presentations.

Throughout these experiences, I have developed an editorial philosophy that emphasizes the writer and the writer’s intended audience.  My goal is help you reach and convince your readers, while maintaining your voice and style.

Most of the time, I am a PhD candidate in political science at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  For my academic background and interests, please visit my academic website.

In my spare time, I enjoy folk / indie music, board games, and pub trivia (hobbies which should definitely convince you of my credentials as a graduate student).


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